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Honor Up

U Cat grew in one of the most unsuccessful districts of New York - Harlem. Since the childhood the guy got used to respect only cruelty and force. He dreams to become the famous gangster, the hero of the movie For honor just has no other way. The best friend Blek with whom the young man is familiar from school suggests it to become one of members of the famous gang. The leader of gang is the criminal leader by nickname Primo. He specializes in drug traffic. Not so long ago venerable criminal managed to deal shortly with the main competitor and to destroy all people faithful to it.

U Cat does not even represent that having hardly become the participant of group, will be right there involved in cruel fight for the territory. Bandits armed cap-á-pie battle against the gangsters submitting to the mafia boss Tito. This criminal leader, famous in underworld, does not intend to be reconciled with juvenile upstarts. He wants to deal with Primo and to become the individual master of the whole area.
Honor Up
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