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Gone Are the Days

America, Wild West. The name of Taylor Flynn is known to everyone, this dashing small in the past was a thorough bandit and kept in horror all to the district. He made awful things among which murders and robberies are not the most awful. All knew that the villain is very dangerous and did not decide to follow his ways. But since then there passed a lot of time which does not spare even the most inveterate villains...

Taylor grew old, lost former courage and dexterity. He had to leave a criminal path, having given way to younger and impudent colleagues. In the evening of life Flynn understood that he left nothing behind himself. Money was spent for nonsense, friends died or forgot the aged gangster. Among infinite crimes he remembered the only light thing - the relations with the beautiful girl. Then she gave birth to the daughter from the hero, but could not be with him because of dangerous trade...
Gone Are the Days
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