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Frozen in Love

In inheritance from Mary's parents the small shop trading in books and magazines got. The heroine of the movie spends the days and nights which Froze in love in attempts to make family business profitable. But all its efforts are vain. And then the girl asks for the help professional advertisers. She is suggested an unexpected way out - to be become the sponsor of youth team on hockey.

At a position of the coach of school ice-hockey team Adam - the young man who not so long ago participated in sports meets will work. But the matter is that because of nasty character of the guy simply expelled from club. Despite obvious talent and persistence, he is forced to reconcile to the termination of the career and to be engaged in training of young generation. Having got acquainted with Mary, the hero comes to bewilderment. The girl seems to it haughty, boastful and too serious for the years.
Frozen in Love
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