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Urfin and His Wooden Soldiers

The former assistant to the angry magician Gingema Urfin Dzhus decided to take the place of the died madam. When the mysterious plant which in the dried-up look was capable to recover objects fell into hands of the gloomy hero, its plans began to be realized into reality. Having cut out a great number of soldiers from a tree, the joiner received own army.

Having occupied the Blue country without resistance, Urfin thought of a further military campaign. He knew that the governor Goodwin left the Emerald city, having left its inhabitants on Strashila Mudry's care. Soon Dzhus went together with the soldiers dolts to the central part of the magic state. Only thanks to Ruff's treachery Bilan it managed to occupy the capital of the Green country. Tin Man who came to the rescue the friend could be also overcome only because of insidiousness of the former court.
Urfin and His Wooden Soldiers
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