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El Gallo

The purposeful guy by the name of Rafael Díaz better known known as "Rooster" has become the main character of the movie of El Gallo. He from the early childhood dreamed to construct sports career as he was perfectly able to fight and wasn't afraid to use at a showdown with foes brute force. The destiny has provided him chance to come to a ring. The beginning boxer won slashing victories over opponents and was awarded champion with titles.

Improbable take-off was followed by a black strip. Raphael has stopped participation in competitions and has been forced to look for different ways of enrichment. He hasn't found the best alternative, than sale of drugs. After a failure his beloved spouse has thrown the loser husband. The former beloved has taken away the last money and the general child. The father couldn't agree with illegal activity of the adult offspring and has banished him from the house.
El Gallo
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