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Four teenage girls communicate many years. They have for the first time got acquainted at elementary school and at once have made friends. In spite of the fact that heroines of the movie the Dude have different characters and outlooks on life, it doesn't prevent them to spend perfectly time in the company of each other at all. But school days approach the end. And already beauties end a graduation class. Ahead only examinations and obtaining certificate. And then - entrance in the college and the beginning of adulthood.

Having decided to have fun properly before parting on different educational institutions, girls conceive a grandiose weekend. They stock up with alcohol, cigarettes, tablets and disks with fashionable music. A huge number of the people is invited to a cheerful party. But Thomas - the young guy who a few years ago has graduated school has to become the main guest. Leading a loose life, he hasn't managed to come to college. The hero understands that it is necessary to change something urgently. But can't get it together in any way.
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