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Curse of the Witch's Doll

In the picture Damnation: The doll of the witch the writer Adelina Gray decides to leave the noisy city and together with the little daughter moves to the province. The reasons of such decision are banal: the quiet situation is necessary for the woman for creation of works, and the child will be done good by fresh air. Heroines settle in the big ancient house...

Soon after the housewarming the girl shows to mother a strange doll - she says that she has found a toy on the street and wants to keep her. The woman is frightened by an appearance of a find from which blows as something terrible. But the eyes of the child shining from a knickknack overpersuade the heroine allowing to take a find in the house. It would seem what the rag bagatelle can make? But the reality was very frightening...
Curse of the Witch's Doll
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