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Come Sunday

Carlton Pearson was born and has grown up in very religious family. Having decided to devote the life to God, the hero of the movie the Heretic soon becomes a pastor. Thanks to natural oratorical talent he quickly wins respect and admiration not only of parishioners of the church, but also other priests. Enjoying general confidence and the authority, the man by right takes the place of one of the most popular preachers of America.

But once during a serious illness Carlton fells into a coma. Having recovered, he reports to people around about the condescended inspiration. The man is convinced that texts of the Bible are treated not absolutely truly. The pastor doesn't believe in existence of hell any more. He prefers to consider that God simply couldn't create such awful place. According to the priest, hell is located on the earth and has appeared because of destructive human activity, violence and hatred.
Come Sunday
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