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Black Panther

The small state of Vakanda located in Africa constantly is attacked by hostile fighters. All of them dream only of one - to destroy the tribe and to receive the full power over his lands. But heroes of the movie the Black Panther desperately resist, protecting the houses and crops. Throughout centuries locals live in isolation very much, carefully preserving the territory against invasion of strangers. Each subsequent leader of the tribe who has assumed a burden of the power swears to protect an ancient secret. According to the legend the extraordinary treasure - unique metal, equal to which isn't present on the earth is stored in Vakanda's earth.

Eventually rumors about a precious mineral get far away from the state. And already brave soldiers can't cope with invasion of enemies by own efforts. Then the leader is come to the rescue by powerful spirit of the Black Panther. But locals don't even suspect that under this mask their tribesman disappears, - prince T'challa.
Black Panther
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