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Batman Ninja

The gorilla Grodd who has spent many years for development of the time machine, at last, achieves result. By means of the invention the hero of an anime the Batman ninjia manages to move to medieval Japan. Together with him also other villains who have decided to work not only the Land of the rising sun, but also the whole world go. They instantly conquer separate principalities, and then unleash between them bloody war.

The batman who has accidentally got to a time machine action field gets to feudal Japan too. He and his friends at once understand an idea of the Gorilla of Grodd. They try to fight back the enemy, but the opponents who are well strengthened in fighting locks don't allow superheroes to achieve a victory. Having despaired, the guy asks for the help the wise aged man and learns the stunning news. It appears, the ancient manuscript is stored in one of temples. Having read it, priests have learned about an ancient prophecy. They believe that once in the country there will arrive a guest from the future who is fated to save the people from death.
Batman Ninja
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