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Anonymous 616

In recent time Jason has returned from Iraq to the native land where he with impatience is expected by the girlfriend. Jenna took separation hard and has very much missed for the beloved. She was glad to see him and to embrace strong, enjoying the minutes spent alone. Shortly after arrival, the hero of the movie "Anonymous Author 616" receives the invitation from the ancient friend Eric. He calls young couple on a visit that it is together cheerful to have a rest and acquaint friends with the new bride Monica. Lovers with pleasure accept the invitation and go to a way. On a mansion threshold Eric welcomes long-awaited guests for whom warm welcome is organized.

In the beginning friends long stir about life, share news, then drink and have fun. Quiet rest develops into stormy night with the use of a large amount of alcohol and narcotic substances. Children decide to try a novelty – the medicine allowing to relax and cross a side with reality. It seemed to them the excellent idea, but evening has turned into tragedy. Jason was subject to hallucinations and has begun to follow the inner voice ordering to kill all attendees to receive the boundless force and the power. To resist to him at the hero hardly it turns out, and it is almost impossible to stop the Anonymous author.
Anonymous 616
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