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Amazon Adventure

Researches of new places are a time the most brave adventure, it is really impossible to be prepared for it. It is impossible to foresee that will wait behind the next rock or a tree therefore erudite pioneers were always considered as the courageous people ready to risk the health, to endanger even own life and all this for the sake of science. Henry Bates one of number of these people that are betrayed to work entirely. He goes to the jungle and, without being afraid of insects, poisonous plants and hungry creatures, starts researches. He manages to remove a concept of a mimicry, ability of animals to change the shape soon to avoid sharp canines and claws of predators. In addition risking everything, Bates for many years of work has brought about eight hundred unknown of types, both plants, and representatives of an animal look hitherto. It has brought him in ranks of the most famous scientists forever and that whose contribution for science became just invaluable.
Amazon Adventure
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