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Accident Man

Scrupulous and accurate Mike Fallon always creatively approached implementation of orders. Still, the hero of the movie Accident - the talented killer ranking himself as criminal elite of the city. The matter is that the young man not only masterly owns all types of weapon, but also has extremely bright imagination and imagination. He approaches each business from the creative point of view. The guy considers nonsense top simple murder during which the victim gets a bullet bluntly. He prefers other style of behavior. For this reason all murders committed by the mercenary look only as accidents.

A few years ago Mike has got acquainted with the same professionals, as well as he. From time to time mercenaries gather in the pub which is fallen in love by him and have fun, noting the end of the next business. They don't discuss with each other a murder detail as have got used not to trust anybody. Once, having finished the order, Fallon goes to favourite pub.
Accident Man
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